Below are some questions we often get asked, if any questions you have aren't below, then feel free to message us or email info@digvegan.co.uk

Are you vegan?

Yes! Both founders have been vegan for a combined 7 years

Do you really give 50% of your profits to charities and sanctuaries? 

Yes! At the end of each month, we calculate our net profits and donate at least 50% of that to charities and sanctuaries. We tend to focus on smaller, little-known sanctuaries because we know that's where we can make the most difference. We keep a list updated that you can view here

Why should I buy from you?

Well, that's up for you to decide. However, we believe our prices are very competitive, and to the best of our knowledge, no other stores donate as much as we do! We're also working with young and talented artists and designers, helping give them a platform.

How do you pick charities and sanctuaries to donate to?

(And can you donate to ours?)

We usually decide by picking charities and sanctuaries we're aware of through our own research. We spend a lot of time looking for charities to donate to. If you have a suggestion for a charity/sanctuary/group that we should donate to, please get in touch by emailing us at info@digvegan.co.uk.