Artists, Designers and Illustrators

Below is a list of the fantastic people we've worked with to create our products! Check them out and give them a follow!

Izzy de Brugha

One of the very first to contribute to Dig Vegan, Izzy went to college in Cambridge and was an easy choice for us when looking for illustrators. You can a link to her Instagram with much of her work below!

"I am a 19 year old illustrator from Cambridge, working with both digital and traditional methods; I’m inspired by Japanese art both new and old as well as comic books and integrating popular culture into my work. I like to create characters and bring them to life with the choice of colour, clothing and expression.
I am also passionate about veganism and my role in the world, I want to make my art sustainable and raise awareness of a bigger cause, which is why I am so happy to working with this project 🙂 " - Izzy

Instagram -  @izzuolla

Edith Sizer

We know Edith through a lot of her activism work, and when we saw some of the artwork she'd published on her Instagram we simply had to reach out and collaborate on some products. Edith was one of the first people we reached out to.

Instagram - @e9ith


We worked closely with Tremayne to perfect the look of the 'wavy' pattern that would quickly become synonymous with Dig Vegan. His increadably aesthetically pleasing Instagram is linked below!

Instagram - @kemillustrations

Maria Jose

From Peru, Maria caught the eye of the team here at Dig Vegan for her fantastic work showcased on her Instagram, linked below. She is the creator of our mascot, Digby!

"I believe in the power of creativity and work. I'm a Designer and an illustrator with 3 + years of experience." - Maria.

 Instagram - @eme.jota.g